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The alarm rings on your mobile - turn it off then open the weather app to check the forecast. Read your emails on the bus, post something funny to Facebook or Twitter then relax for 15 minutes with a game or some music. Grab a coffee, pay with your phone then head into work. Fire up your calendar to check today's meetings then finish off that presentation before lunch. Go online, order those new trainers and check the news headlines. Email the invoices to your clients then head for home. Time to relax. Read an e-book or watch a video on your tablet then time for bed.

Software rules our modern world, both at work and at play. At Digital Scrawl we recognise that software really is everywhere and that while you may have an idea you may not have the skills to make it a reality. We can help. We have experience of developing all sorts of bespoke software solutions from customer web sites to desktop applications, mobile apps to social media. Whatever your business is software undoubtedly has a role to play and if you have limited skills in this area then why not let us do the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch and see how we can help bring your software to the world.

Software Everywhere

Want some web, mobile or desktop software? Maybe a combination of all three. We can provide the solution you need. Why not get in touch.

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Past Work

iOS word game

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Letterfall is a word game in which you try to remove falling letter tiles from the screen by using them to create words of three letters or more. Written to work on both iPhone and iPad this game has lots of great features and is dangerously addictive.

Corporate web site


When Novolytics needed an updated website which reflected the cutting edge nature of their biological research work we were only too happy to help.

iOS quiz game

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Answer quiz questions on multiple subjects against the clock, either on your own or with a group of friends. Each player gets one minute to answer their questions and then passes it on to the next player, that’s why it’s called ‘Quiz-a-round’! Works on both iPhone and iPad.

Web based word game

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Letterfall Web

The Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Ltd liked our Lettefall iPhone application so much that they contacted us and asked if we would build a browser based version of the game for the community section of their website.

Music festival website

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Whipman Playlist

The Whipman Play Committee needed a funky website to promote a musical event for young people in the borders area of Scotland. We were top of the playlist when it came to creating a site to promote the event.

iOS word game

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Word Chains

Word Chains is a highly addictive and challenging word association game in which you try to chain words or phrases together using only the letters given to you. Written for the iPhone platform the app is universal and has specific support for both iPhone and iPad.

About Us

Si Clark

Si wrote his first computer program on a ZX Spectrum in his early teens. The rubber keyboard wasn't enough to put him off, and he went on to graduate with a BSc (Hons) & MSc in Computer Science from Edinburgh University in 1997. With 16 years in the software industry, Si has a wealth of experience to draw on, from front end UI design to middleware to server-side components. In his spare time, Si can usually be found on a bike, on a snowboard or playing on his guitar. Si's latest challenge was an 1100 mile charity bike ride in May.

Graham Donaldson

Graham graduated with a BEng in Software Engineering in the year 2000 and since then he has worked in software development for some of the worlds largest technology and finance organisations. He has experience of working in agile development teams and has worked with many of the well known application development frameworks and APIs, both open source and proprietary. When not drumming away on the keyboard programming Graham likes to charge down the side of a mountain on his mountain bike or spend time chilling out with his family.

Graeme Faichney

Graeme is an honours degree graduate in Computer Science from Strathclyde University and 16 years software development experience in the Financial Services sector, specialising in Java and web-based applications. An avid technology enthusiast, Graeme is particularly interested in mobile computing - everything from laptops to tablets and phones.

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Got your Javascript mixed up with your HTML? Can’t make sense of your CSS style sheets or your Java code looks like someone has taken the works of Shakespeare and jumbled it all up and dumped it on your screen? Maybe you have no interest in writing your own software at all and just want someone else to do it? Either way we can help. With lifetimes of collective experience of working in the software development industry we are ready and able to help you develop the solutions you need to meet your personal or business goals. Get in touch now and get your software projects moving in the right direction with our help.

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